Acoustic Engineer

September 01, 2016

 Job Summary

The Engineer in this position serves as the primary technical point of contact and in-house expert for a wide range of products and acts as the interface between the company and its customers.  He will guide the audio designs and work with R&D, production, and other teams to introduce new products, improve design performance, and solve acoustic related issues arisen in production.
This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict other tasks that may be assigned.


  • Study, analyze, and optimize acoustic transducer design
  • Provide design support and recommendations to customers during product design stage, as well as assistance during the whole life cycles of products
  • Interface with customers to define optimal and manufacturable products and to fix product issues
  • Create and review product specifications; create and publish application notes,  research papers, and presentation reports
  • Analyze product data, test product samples, and make suggestions on measures to optimize designs
  • Make test plans, do trouble shooting, and find solutions
  • Guide and assist the R&D and engineer team of the company to satisfy customers’ requirements; provide technical training to resellers, and distributors, and internal personnel
  • Do study on audio related topics to improve product performance
  • Help the company to introduce new products applying cutting-edge acoustic technology and assist Sales Team to secure businesses


  • Strong academic and technical background in acoustics, audio engineering, mechanical engineering, or electrical engineering
  • 1-3 years or equivalent experience in speaker transducer design
  • Deep understanding and rich experiences in acoustic transducer design and development
  • Experience with customers in designing audio components and/or audio accessories applying his expertise in consumer audio and mobile communications to complete challenging projects
  • Written and verbal communication skills including project planning, documentation of technical requirements, and technical presentations
  • Expertise with audio test systems (SoundCheck, Audio Precision, IQaudio, B&K, HATS)
  • Familiar with MATLAB, PSPICE, ProE software packages
  • Fluent in Mandarin a strong plus
To Apply: Please email [email protected] with job position in subject line and a copy of current resume.