Optics Engineer

March 15, 2017

 Job Summary
This position is for an optical engineer working for Goertek’s next-generation optical technology. The optical engineer will be responsible for investigation/development of the key optical component technology to enable the Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality experience.


  • Perform development and research of optical components, including investigation of the cutting-edge technology and define the technical path for Goertek’s optical solution
  • Work with hardware teams to identify the scope, constrains and risks for design, fabrication, testing and mass production of advanced optical components
  • Work with cross-functional team to develop next-generation optical system that including microdisplay and optics
  • Identify and establish development partnership with inside/outside experts
  • Write up and review patent application for optical components and related systems/applications


  • A minimum of a Masters in Optics, Applied Physics or Engineering (Optical, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering preferred) or relevant degree
  • 5+ years of industry experience in lens design and micro-optics
  • Familiarity with refractive and diffractive optical system design and fabrication is desired
  • Industry experience in compact imaging system design is preferred
  • Familiar with optical and CAD software such as Zemax and Code V 
  • Knowledge in fiberoptics, especially fiber couplers and combiners is a plus
To Apply: Please email [email protected] with job position in subject line and a copy of current resume.